About Me

A little about me. In no particular order:

I generally like things that are propelled by internal combustion. For example, motorcycles. I enjoy them quite a bit. I currently did have a Yamaha WR250F, Triumph 675 with a blown motor and a KTM Duke. Currently looking for the next bike.

I enjoy reading and learning about computational physics. You could say that I like partial differential equations quite a bit. We do spend a lot of time together 🙂 My research on light-matter interaction and discrete fluid mechanics at micro-nano scales provides an almost endless source of challenge.

I try my best to take photos. Despite my lack of skill, I sometimes get lucky. I enjoy spending hours walking, driving or riding around aimlessly, stopping only to take rather poor photos. It's quite relaxing.

Finally, I tend to be in favour of simplicity. Therefore, I shall stop here.