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1. Extensive computational physics experience in modeling light-matter interaction at micro-nano scales using Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD), Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theories (GLMT) and Band-Eigenmode analysis.

2. Experience with the design and simulation of micro-nano plasmonic structures for highly sensitive biosensing and nano-particle trapping using MEEP.

3. A thorough understanding and modeling experience with high numerical aperture beam and N micro/nano particle interactions using the GLMT framework.

4. Numerical and theoretical experience in solving Photonic Crystal structures with defects using the Wannier function approach and MPB.

5. Very strong scientific/algorithmic programming skills for small to large scale problems requiring computational clusters with MATLAB and crucial parts in C++ and Python

6. Hands-on industrial experience with design, installation and maintenance of Electrical and Electronic systems, including PLC programming, wiring and fault finding.

7. Sound experience with high frequency telemetric sensory data management, statistical analysis and processing with MATLAB and Python.

8. Highly experienced communicator and lecturer of scientific material in both academic and industrial environments. Over 10 years experience in teaching. Authored over 20 international peer-reviewed scientific publications in the area of biophotonics.

9. Solid Information Technology background in Network and Database Administration on Cisco and Linux platforms with a number of industry certifications.